1. Kayla with Sunglasses, September 2013


  2. Janelle, August 2013


  3. First there was this.

    And then there was that.

    me playing with the boys, April 2013

    (aka: multipurpose baseballs)

    (aka: best buck fifty ever spent at a rummage sale)


  4. My love and me, July 2012


  5. Nice ride at a suburban Waukesha Target.


  6. Waukesha Project Portrait #2. The gorgeous and unbelievably intelligent Anneliese. Possibly my most consistent and closest friend.

    Taken at Retzer Nature Center, a beautiful Waukesha County conservation area given to the county in 1973 by Florence Retzer for park purposes. Her vision was “to conserve the scenery, natural life and wildlife, leaving the land unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.” Well done!