1. I started taking a second of video every day on new years day of 2013. Even in the year and 3 months since I started this project I’ve seen how much I’ve grown. I turned 25 a few days ago and it seemed like a really awesome time to wrap up this project. 
    Having this to look back on feels amazing and I would truly recommend this project to anyone. These are some things I feel when I watch this video:
    I miss a lot of you and am grateful that a lot of you are in my every day life. I love the rain and the sun and hiking and nature. I am grateful for music and silence and my mother flippin’ dog. I love photography and technology, airplanes and transportation. And more than anything I love coming home to my sweet little home in Nashville to my sweet sweet love. Thanks for watching!

  2. Of course the video for this song would be heartwarming and beautiful. 


  3. My very own one second every day project. Jan 1st thru Feb 1st.


  4. Can’t get enough of this song + video.


  5. This is so beautiful..

    Kate Bosworth for Vanessa Bruno

    Directed by: Stephanie Di Giusto

    I highly recommend looking up other work by Stephanie Di Guisto. 


  6. You know that kind of music + video that just makes your heart feel warm?